Wing Foil Courses in Tarifa

Wingsurfing is one of the most innovative water sports that mixes kitesurfing, windsurfing and paddlesurfing by using the SUP board (rigged wih a hydrofoil), together with a sail called wing, somehow similar to a windsurf sail.

It is a sport in which you will have fun very quickly and you will learn sailing in an easy way. From the first day you will experience the feeling of joy and freedom that comes from sailing.

A good physical level is not necessary, anyone can enjoy this experience. All our monitors and materials are adapted to any level of navigation so that the progression is as simple and fast as possible.

Private lessons

Private wing foil classes
  • 1 instructor - 1 student
  • 1 wing+board only for you
  • personalised attention
  • fast and efficient learning

Price per day:

2 hours -> 140€ = 70€/hour

Wing rental
3 hours 75€


Semiprivate lessons

Semiprivate wing foil classes
  • 1 instructor - two students
  • 1 shared wing and board
  • fast and safe learning
  • great for couples, friends& family

Price per day:

3 hours -> 120€ = 40€/hour
(price per person, minimum 2 person)

2 hours -> 100€ = 50€/hour
(price with 2 wings, one wing per student)


All our courses include English speaking instructors, full wingsurfing gear, radio helmets, insurance.

Explanation and details of the course

Below you can find a detailed explanation of the course with all the steps and concepts you will learn in this wing foil course.

First contact and sailing

Book this 120-minute class in which you will discover the basic concepts:

  • Handle the Wing on the beach to learn how to control it and how to turn it, so that handling the wing isn't a problem when maneuvering in the water.
  • Once we know how to control the wing, we will start practising in the water, first with a larger board that has enough stability and buoyancy but without the foil, so that your body acquires the necessary balance.
  • Once we have enough stability and control over the Standup paddle, we will move on to the next step of learning, joining the two elements we have practised (handling the wing + stability on the board).
  • The next step will be controlling the wing with the flight of the foil. We will learn how to get up on the foil and to make the first laps, learning to maintain balance on the board raised from the water by the foil.

Wing course gear

The wingsurf or wingfoil gear is made up of:


The wing has two parts::

  • the plane which comprises the entire lower part: front wing + fuselage + Rear Foil Wing (Stabiliser))
  • the mast which could be made of aluminium or carbon

The sizes we recommend would be:

  • For beginners: wings between 1500 and 2200cm2 with a mast of 45cm to 65cm
  • For a more advanced navigation: wings from 1280 to 1500 cm2 that will give you better maneuverability but more technical, since the smaller the wing, the faster you go. And the mast between 75cm and 85cm, and they can both be made of aluminum or carbon

Board & Hydrofoil

How to choose the volume of your wingfoiling board according to F-one International:

  • Beginners: rider weight +40 L
  • Intermediate: rider weight +10 L
  • Advanced: rider weight -15 L

Do you have any questions? Contact us

Wing Foil en Tarifa

All included in the course

  • Full gear for wingfoiling: wetsuit, wing, board, life vest
  • Helmets equipped with radio systems
  • Rescue boats
  • Accident and liability insurances
  • Latest F-one wingsurfing gear

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